Yez the Gardevoir

28 Oct 2019 01:20 by Lezik Zync
Yez: oh, hi... you look worse for wear... are you almost dead or something? Is it ok if i use your blood for my blood magic? no? ok, i'll find someone else who's willing...
She's a BloodMage but she's rather polite about it, only taking blood from people who are on the last grain of life. if they turn her down she will walk away and find someone else. she only asks to be nice. she doesn't want to murder someone for their blood, unless they get on her bad side.
Lezik Zync - 28 Oct 2019 03:15
if you thin about it most BloodMage's are usually really arrogant and rude...
Lezik Zync - 28 Oct 2019 03:16