Regolo's 54th Lost Penrose [Dedicated to Regolo Bizzi {Regolo54} ]

23 Jan 2017 08:12 by Bucwah
Isometric Figure
ElixHunter - 16 Jan 2017 18:48
This must be hard to do sometimes!
Roboboy0712 - 23 Aug 2017 02:49
went all the way through your artwork to find the first. This good so early on...
Bucwah - 23 Aug 2017 06:00
Reply to riley.loneragan@p...au:
At least 3/4 of my work is old, but I'm re-editing it to give it the right Tags. I've been drawing this type of art for about 3 years now. Once you put your mind to it, nothing seems impossible.
­čÄ«Artist Unknown­čô║ - 08 Jan 2020 03:14
Well well well, I found your first drawing.