Zelda majoras mask ¨the mask¨

21 Oct 2017 00:07 by ellele_Berbres
Zelda majoras mask ¨the mask¨
MattMan - 14 Dec 2017 16:28
I love all of your Zelda work and I have one question what is your favorite Zelda game.
ellele_Berbres - 06 Jan 2018 22:55
well either zelda breath of the wild or ocarina of time.
probably voting more for ocarina bcs of it's the zelda game i grew up with with many good memories.
i like breath of the wild how big it is and all the stuff you can do now.
would want nintendo too do some sort of remake of ocarina of time so it has the fighting system and big feilds as breath of the wild. just basicly breath of the wild in the ocarina world
thx for the question :DD!!