History of changes

02.02.2020 Version 0-68
Introducing new diamond grid.
26.01.2020 Version 0-67-2
Ability to delete notifications one by one.
Notification about including to Editor's choice
03.01.2020 Version 0-67
Expandable shapes toolbar.
Eraser tool.
27.12.2019 Version 0-66
New tools for square grid for drawing lines, rectangles and ellipses.
15.11.2019 Version 0-65
New pixel shapes with frames
13.10.2019 Version 0-64
Group user images into folders by image tags.
Folders are available from user profile page.
24.07.2019 Version 0-63
Upload user avatars.
16.07.2019 Version 0-62
Flood fill tool for all grid types.
Fixes of several minor bugs.
08.07.2019 Version 0-61-2
Button for choosing smiles
Automatic hide bad language
23.03.2019 Version 0-61
Now user can subscribe on updates in artworks of desired artists. Use 'Follow' button to subscribe. Changes will appear in personal news feed.
07.02.2019 Version 0-60-2
New notification page.
Deny clicking on star more often than once per minute.
07.02.2019 Version 0-60
Alternative user email.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.
18.03.2018 Version 0-59
Flood fill function for painting mode.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.
10.03.2018 Version 0-58
New square and circle shapes for simple square grid.
09.03.2018 Version 0-57
Ability for generating pixel images for square grid artworks.
Ability for rendering images with transparent background.
22.12.2017 Version 0-53
User interface is more friendly for mobile devices.
20.11.2017 Version 0-52
Fix Undo/Redo operations for background change and shift operations.
03.10.2017 Version 0-51
Complain button for comments
01.10.2017 Version 0-50-1
Spam protection
Some minor bug fixes
16.09.2017 Version 0-50
Improvements in user administration
01.09.2017 Version 0-49
Ability to block artworks.
30.08.2017 Version 0-48
Ability to block users.
03.06.2017 Version 0-46
Reply on comments.
Fixed minor bugs.
07.05.2017 Version 0-45
Recent comments page.
Fixed minor bugs.
29.04.2017 Version 0-44
Improved color picker.
Fixed minor bugs.
30.10.2016 Version 0-43
Improved comments representation.
30.10.2016 Version 0-42
Database restructurization finished
22.07.2016 Version 0-41
Blocking images due to copyright infringements.
29.03.2016 Version 0-40
Minor user interface improvements
22.02.2016 Version 0-39
Artists rating system.
'Top rated artists' section on main page
Artists list by stars count
22.02.2016 Version 0-38
Technical version
22.02.2016 Version 0-37
Technical version
20.02.2016 Version 0-36
List of the most productive artists at main page
03.02.2016 Version 0-35
Technical version
03.02.2016 Version 0-34
Minor optimizations.
31.01.2016 Version 0-33
New page 'Recent favorites'.
Index page improvements.
Fixed some errors.
21.01.2016 Version 0-32
Fixed errors with favorites.
28.12.2015 Version 0-31
Notifications on favorites.
06.12.2015 Version 0-30
Image storage improvements.
29.11.2015 Version 0-29
Minor bug fixes.
29.11.2015 Version 0-28
Ability to mark artwork as favorite. Rating of most favorite artwork.
21.11.2015 Version 0-27
Performance improvements.
08.11.2015 Version 0-26
A new "Copy/Paste" function for copying parts of images.
25.10.2015 Version 0-25
"Create a copy" button for images, that author were created before.
05.08.2014 Version 0-24
Ability to show grid in final images with square grid.
15.05.2014 Version 0-23
All images were moved to Google Cloud Storage.
12.05.2014 Version 0-22
Improved stability.
08.01.2014 Version 0-21
Editor's choice
Cubic shape for hexagonal grid
Minor interface improvements
17.12.2013 Version 0-20
Ctrl-Z for undo operations during painting.
Erasing by right mouse button
GUI and service side improvements.
15.12.2013 Version 0-19
New look of the site with Bootstrap 3.
08.12.2013 Version 0-18
Grid icons in artworks pages.
27.11.2013 Version 0-17
User profiles and searching artworks by specified artist.
20.11.2013 Version 0-16
Recent comments at the main page.
New navigation buttons.
18.11.2013 Version 0-15
Notifications on comments.
Big code refactoring and performance improvements.
10.11.2013 Version 0-14
Isometric triangular grid
New isometric triangular grid is available for drawing.
Several minor issues were corrected
07.11.2013 Version 0-13
Corrected issue with saving huge images.
06.11.2013 Version 0-12
Now you can change workspace size and cell size in painting mode.
04.11.2013 Version 0-11
Now you can write descriptions for your artworks.
30.10.2013 Version 0-10
Right-angled triangular grid
A new grid with 4 triangles in square is now available for use.
19.10.2013 Version 0-09
Caching for speed imrovements.
18.10.2013 Version 0-08
Imroved rendering speed of pages with images lists.
14.10.2013 Version 0-07
Define canvas size and cell size when create new artwork.
10.10.2013 Version 0-06
Undo and Redo buttons were appended to painter.
06.10.2013 Version 0-05
Removed button 'Artwork properties'. Now artwork properties dialog is showing on every save of image. Fixed minor issues in painter.
19.09.2013 Version 0-04
Minor UI improvements. Helper messages on empty pages were added. Page title on artwork page was changed.
14.09.2013 Version 0-03
Shift image
Now you can move whole image on workspace to change free space on edges.
12.09.2013 Version 0-02
Pick color
New button for color selection by pointing on desired cell was added to toolbar in painting mode.
30.08.2013 Version 0-01
Project opened
A new online editing tool Grid Paint was opened. Here you can create your own pixel art images using squared, triangular or hexagonal grids. Images can be downloaded in PNG or SVG formats. You can share your images with your friends in Facebook, Twitter or Google+.